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Why us

We combine our team of experts with cutting-edge technologies to deliver valuable solutions.

Why Choose PC Link
IT Experts With a Broad Range of Solutions

PC LINK was founded in 1988 with the purpose of providing a Business Technology Anytime Anywhere for organizations in need of Managed IT Services, Professional IT Consulting, Servers, Storage, Client computing, and Infrastructure Projects. We have a fantastic suite of boutique-managed Cloud Servers to choose, along with Hardware Client and Servers, Network Cabling and high-end professional Software Development and website services.

From developing a management software for various industries to creating project and task tracking applications for busy businesses, PC LINK has helped business owners around Egypt, Emirates, Sweden, UK, and USA improve sales, customer satisfaction, and workplace management through technology integration.

PC LINK supports custom configuration and standardization efforts of major IT organizations and provides core technology solutions for the paperless work environment (document storage and data archiving), telecommuting, video conferencing and so on. PC LINK has expertise in developing web technology based applications incorporating the latest Internet/Intranet Technology.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality IT services to customers in Egypt and worldwide, supported by unbeatable, personalized customer care, backed by Best Technology Providers in the World, and managed by an empowering corporate culture of progressive values, and with this create a thriving, global community of customers who share in our values and benefit from each other’s contributions.

Our Vision:

To be a premium IT solutios provider with a clear focus on business

Our objective:

PC Link aims to provide well-designed and integrated products, accompanied with highly knowledgeable support, to its customers.