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Why Choose PC Link

PC Link carries IT products and services in the market with the finest value and quality. PC Link is a complex systems integrator who takes information from the ‘supplier partners’ to provide road-maps for the ‘customer partners’ applications.

PC Link supports custom configuration and standardization efforts of major IT organizations. PC Link provides core technology solutions for the paperless work environment (document storage and data archiving), telecommuting, video conferencing, and so on. PC Link has expertise in developing web technology based applications incorporating the latest Internet/Intranet Technology.

Our customers love us.

PC Link offers a broad spectrum of turnkey solutions for networking products and services, allowing its customers to quickly deploy LAN, MAN, and WAN environments to fit their networking needs and budget. PC Link offers You a variety of core technology solutions that require strategic partnerships and teamwork with the leading manufacturers and suppliers in the industry like HP,Dell DMC, McAfee Elite, Microsoft, Symantec, Cisco, 3Com, Intel Premier Provider and more.

Founded in 1988

PC Link is recognized as one of the largest national hardware and software distributors today. Headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt, PC Link provides highly innovative and reliable solutions to its customers.

The company philosophy has always focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. Since inception, the company has grown commendably as a provider of excellent products, backed up with superb support system.

With a strong foundation established over the years, PC Link is ready to face all the new challenges coming its way.

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