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Why Choose PC Link

PC Link carries IT products and services in the market with the finest value and quality. PC Link is a complex systems integrator who takes information from the ‘supplier partners’ to provide road-maps for the ‘customer partners’ applications.

Founded in 1988, PC Link is recognized as one of the largest national hardware and software distributors today. Headquartered in Alexandria, Egypt, PC Link provides highly innovative and reliable solutions to its customers.

Software Solutions
Hardware Solutions




HP Enterprise



Services & Solutions
Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development

Web design, Web content development, e-Commerce development,HTML and CSS coding

Hardware Maintenance

Hardware Maintenance

System diagnostics and trouble shooting ,Hardware configuration, tracking, and documentation,Backup and Restore Data

E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions

PC Link provides e commerce web site design and development. We specialize in business and payment enabled websites that work with companies throughout the globe.

Software Development

Custom Development, Software Product Development,UX Design & Prototyping,Enterprise Application Integration

Microsoft Software

Microsoft Software Asset Management, Implementing SCCM, Remote Microsoft Exchange Server Implementation

UPS Maintenance

The UPS is capable of safely protecting a critical load for many years with uncompromised quality and availability of power.

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