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Live Updates COVID-19 CASES
  • World 20,783,230
    Confirmed: 20,783,230
    Active: 6,352,196
    Recovered: 13,679,588
    Death: 751,446
  • USA 5,356,629
    Confirmed: 5,356,629
    Active: 2,385,429
    Recovered: 2,802,208
    Death: 168,992
  • Saudi Arabia 293,037
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 293,037
    Active: 32,499
    Recovered: 257,269
    Death: 3,269
  • Egypt 95,963
    Confirmed: 95,963
    Active: 34,977
    Recovered: 55,901
    Death: 5,085
  • Oman 82,299
    Confirmed: 82,299
    Active: 4,688
    Recovered: 77,072
    Death: 539
  • Kuwait 73,785
    Confirmed: 73,785
    Active: 7,845
    Recovered: 65,451
    Death: 489
  • UAE 63,212
    Confirmed: 63,212
    Active: 5,661
    Recovered: 57,193
    Death: 358
  • Bahrain 45,264
    Confirmed: 45,264
    Active: 3,262
    Recovered: 41,836
    Death: 166
  • Morocco 36,694
    Confirmed: 36,694
    Active: 10,461
    Recovered: 25,677
    Death: 556
  • Tunisia 1,780
    Confirmed: 1,780
    Active: 450
    Recovered: 1,278
    Death: 52

Business planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Working from home is not complicated. Most of us do so now and again. Accessing an internet connection is easy enough, and cloud office suites and SaaS applications make it seamless to transition from working at the office to doing so on the couch in your living room.

Manage Your IT

Consultation & Assessment

As one of the most experienced information technology and IT companies in business, our IT consulting services and IT specialists will carefully assess everything from application deployment to your telecommunications expenditures…

Solution Engineering

At PC LINK, we provide consulting and a variety of engineering support services to deliver Information Assurance (IA) Software Development, Database Engineering and technical solutions without the traditionally high costs of these services.

Customization & Integration

At PC LINK we believe that Building and supporting the technology stack for smart, connected products requires substantial investment and a range of new skills—such as software development, systems engineering, data analytics, and online security expertise.

Installation & Implementation

PC Link is a full-service provider with a team of in-house experts who possess extensive knowledge of the Microsoft and VMware Applications and provide everything from consulting, software and hardware configuration, project management to training and support.

Support Services

PC Link, the leading Information Technology and cloud services provider for the modern Small, medium, and enterprise customers it has achieved its status as a Certified Support Sta Excellence Center by partnering with the Major Players in the Industry like Dell, HP Inc, HPE, VMware, Microsoft and many more.

Hardware Maintenance

There are so many reasons Why do you need to have a hardware maintenance contract with PC Link?
When we buy new IT Hardware, you always ask yourself if you should include and extended warrantee with your order? The short simple answer here is Yes

Hardware Solutions

PC Link aims to provide well-designed and integrated products, accompanied by highly knowledgeable support, to its customers.

Why PC Link

Learn more about PC Link through discovering its vision, mission, and objective. PC Link also has a number of successful partners that support it at each step of the way.

Our Partners

Computers, Monitors & Technology Solutions

PC Link provides the best products for your business


Servers installation and configurations. SAN storage and switches installation and configurations Server migration from physical servers to a virtual machine.

When your systems are down unexpectedly, time is of the essence, and you won’t want
to waste valuable minutes searching for a new service provider to assist you.


PC Link is a complex systems integrator who takes information from the ‘supplier partners’ to provide road-maps for the ‘customer partners’ applications.

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Mohamed Yousry
Koudijs Kapo

Pc Link is one of the fastest and most reliable teams on the market, I’m very happy with the services and the work they’ve done for us, they gave us exactly what we were expecting.

Mohanned Nafis
Alexandria Urology Hospital

I’ve witnessed PC Link team’s collaborations with our team in setting up a well-established infrastructure, they’ve been continuously suggesting and implementing the smartest solutions to assure a high data quality, private, and a secure working environment.

Mouhamed Moustafa
Egypt bus

Great Experience, Very good company, and dedicated service, They are fast and honest, The quality of service and helpfulness from Pc Link has been excellent. Thank you all very much.

Ahmed AbdEl-Fattah


I have always found Pc Link to be professional.  Most important to me, they possess excellent communication skills We are pleased and confident in extending our highest recommendation for Pc Link.