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Add Security to Outlook

No more roadblocks to encryption. With the click of a button Trustifi adds security and visibility to Outlook.

Add Security to Gmail

Trustifi adds needed security and visibility to Gmail so you can be certain your emails remain private.


Additional Security Options

Businesses customers can easily integrate Trustifi into their proprietary platform via Open API


No more waiting,

Watch this webinar to know more

Features & Benefits

  • Recipients are able to open encrypted emails with ease, without downloading or using special software to receive, open and read.
  • Trustifi detects fraudulent incoming emails, designed to phish employees into wiring money or clicking malware links, and alerts them not to open the scam email.
  • The email’s content and attachments are automatically scanned for sensitive and private information, and the sender is alerted that the email needs to be encrypted before an attempt to send is made.
  • Send extra large files that would otherwise need to be sent via USPS or overnight delivery. With Trustifi, you always have certified proof of e-delivery.
  • Avoid email communications being breached, causing accidental GDPR, HIPAA, PII violations
  • One FedEx delivery can cost more than 50 Trustifi e-deliveries of the same document, and sending with Trustifi provides even more delivery evidence.
  • Emails are legally Postmarked with records of delivery, opening and exact content delivered.
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