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Websense, Inc. is the global leader in web filtering and a leader in web and endpoint security.
Websense software helps organizations meet the risks of internet use, offering maximum protection with minimal effort. Trusted by over 24,000 organizations worldwide and with over 24.1 million seats under subscription.

Websense is the vendor of choice for leading Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 customers, as well as for government agencies and educational institutions. Websense proactively discovers and immediately protects against web-based threats such as spyware, phishing attacks, viruses, and others. Websense secures organizations from existing and emerging internet threats by providing proactive, policy driven web filtering, web security, and endpoint security software.

Websense software fills the technology gaps left open by networks and defenses such as antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall, and other products. With diverse partnerships and integrations, Websense enhances its customers’ network and security environments.

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Automatic Protection Websense offers automatic, real-time updates for critical website and application security threats. Unlike other solutions, these updates do not require a full product upgrade or IT intervention to deploy.

Easy-to-Use Reporting Websense solutions offer unparalleled reporting that includes web-based, drill-down capabilities usable by IT as well as non-technical groups such as Human Resources, Legal, and Management—at no extra cost. Websense Reporting Tools offer “Risk Classes” that provide management-level summary information on the network security, legal liability, employee productivity, and bandwidth risks of an organization. Whether presenting a real-time or historical view of categorized network activity, Websense Reporting Tools provide easily-understood information quickly across terabytes of data.

Flexibility Websense solutions integrate with all leading enterprise directories, such as Microsoft® Windows NT®, Windows® Active Directory®, LDAP, Novell® eDirectory, and RADIUS, making deployment and administration easy. Websense solutions allow the creation of policies based on the users/groups defined in these enterprise directories. Scalability Websense solutions scale from 50-user organizations through 250,000 users and beyond with full reliability and accuracy. Offering either standalone or integrated deployments for maximum flexibility and scalability, the Websense architecture allows a single-box deployment or a distributed component approach.