Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Egypt

Pclink is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner is one of the top leveled Microsoft partners in Egypt reselling Microsoft solutions and software. Pclink is also one of the fastest growing companies for distributing and marketing Microsoft products in Egypt to suit all types of customer’s requirements. We believe in delivering future technologies today, which are cost-effective and carry an excellent support tag with it.

Microsoft Azure
  • Do more and spend less with Microsoft Azure

    67% of Fortune 500 companies use Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.
    That’s a lot of trust from some of the world’s biggest companies. What’s great is that you can get the same reliable and scalable solutions at unbeatable prices in just minutes:

    Massively scalable and accessible from anywhere in world for only $0.024 GB/Mo

    Keep your data and business protected for only $.20 GB/Mo

    Host, build, deploy and manage websites on a secure, open and flexible cloud platform

    Azure Site Recovery
    Peace of mind with automated protection and health monitoring for only $54 VM/Mo

    Now you have a better idea why there are 10,000+ new customers signing up for Azure every week. All this on the biggest and most certified datacenter footprint in the world. Isn’t it time you gave your businesses this superior infrastructure advantage?


Enterprise grade security for any SMBs?

Did you know that Microsoft has the largest datacenter footprint in the world, and is the first and only cloud provider to have been recently certified by the European Union’s rigorous data protection authorities?

This is normal, and embedded in our DNA, since industry standard safety isn’t enough for us, and shouldn’t be enough for your business. That’s why we go beyond other cloud service providers when it comes to cloud security and privacy. And we do this without breaking your budget.

Here are some key reasons why Microsoft’s cloud leads the industry:

  • More protection
    Microsoft holds more than 900 stringent cloud certifications. We help your business meet, and surpass the security standards required for your specific region and within regulated industries.
  • Secured data
    No engineer has access to your data and we certainly don’t use customer’s data for any marketing or advertising.
  • Disclosure of data
    Microsoft never discloses customer information to any government or other third party.
  • Transparency
    We keep you informed about the processes to protect data and security, including audits and government requests.
Microsoft’s cloud solutions

Get the market’s #1 email & collaboration solution

2.5 billion users around the world are enjoying the power of Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

These users understand that being productive and connected wherever you go, on all your devices, is critical for any SMB.

Here’s a little bit more information on the business benefits of Office 365:

microsoft_clip_image001_0001 microsoft_clip_image002 Create and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations using the tools you know and love.
microsoft_clip_image002 It’s not just a simple POP 3 or IMAP email solution. Share mails, contacts, calendars and work online or offline in a secure environment with a business email solution.


microsoft_clip_image002 Increase team collaboration by sharing thoughts and business presentations in online meetings or video conferences with just one click.


microsoft_clip_image002 Use any devices that you enjoy working with.
Office 365 cloud solutions

Going to the cloud is easier than ever.

Every second, around the world, a new company adopts the advantages of Office 365 cloud solutions.

Once you do the same, these benefits are yours:

  • Productivity anywhere, on any devices:
    With Office 365 you work with familiar and favorite tools such as PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote on up to 5 PCs or Macs, from anywhere in the world.
  • Reduce IT Costs:
    Skip the headaches and pay as you grow. No need to invest in expensive on-premise deployments, or take money away from more strategic projects.
  • Latest Version & Enterprise Grade Solution:
    Microsoft cloud solutions powers your business with the latest Fortune 500 enterprise grade software at a minimal cost.