GFI Prime

GFI Prime

GFI Prime at a glance:

  • Renew your product licence(s) beyond your initial first year/subscription(s) OR purchase a new product with a multiple year licence
  • The product(s) for which you pay maintenance are GFI Prime Qualifying Products. They let you claim your GFI Prime product(s), free!
  • To manage your GFI Prime account, simply access your GFI Software account

GFI Prime is a loyalty program designed to reward our most loyal customers by offering them special access to a selection of our solutions for free!

GFI Software is always seeking new ways of how to grow and add more value to the relationship with its customers. GFI Prime is designed to ensure that customers who continue to do business with GFI are generously rewarded, thereby offering the most loyal of customers special access to a selection of the GFI solutions for free.

Who is eligible for GFI Prime?

If you have been doing business with GFI Software for more than 12 months year then you will be eligible to benefit from this loyalty program and will therefore gain immediate access to a GFI Prime Product for FREE. There are no commitments or fine print! And if you own more than one product, then you will get even more free products.

Enrolling to GFI Prime is very easy! Customers who fall within the following parameters are
eligible for membership:

  • If you have have owned a GFI Prime Qualifying Product* subscription(s) / license(s) for more than the initial 12 month purchase, then that makes you instantly GFI Prime member.
  • If you are still within the first 12 months of licence, you will become eligible for GFI Prime upon your next renewal.
  • New business customers who wish to become members of this program, may do so by purchasing a GFI Prime Qualifying Product with a multi-year licence.

Access to the free GFI Prime Products is valid for as long as you continue to renew your GFI Prime Qualifying Products. Therefore, to remain a GFI Prime member, one must continue to renew their product. Upon renewal of the product subscription/licence, the customer will benefit from free access to 1 (one) additional GFI Prime product, at no additional cost.

* Excludes sub-editions (GFI MailEssentials Anti-Spam, GFI MailEssentials EmailSecurity, GFI WebMonitor for ISA/ TMG WebFiltering, GFI WebMonitor for ISA/TMG WebSecurity) – only GFI MailEssentials/Webmonitor “Unified Protection editions qualify”

GFI Prime Products

GFI Archiver
GFI Endpoint Security
GFI Events Manager
GFI Web Monitor